Nebula 30A ESC

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Compatible with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter.
Smooth, linear and precise throttle response.
Extreme low output resistance, super current endurance.
Multiple protection: low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection.
Starting mode : Normal / Soft.
Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with all transmitters.
Parameters of the esc can be set via program card.

Programming items:

Startup mode: Normal/Soft (300ms/1.5S) 
Normal mode for fixed wing, soft mode for Heli. The acceleration of soft mode is slow by taking 1.5S from zero throttle to full throttle. Brake system: OFF/ON 
Low voltage protection Threshold(cut off threshold): Low/Medium/High 
Battery type: Lipo/NiMH 
Motor rotation: Positive / Negative 
Low voltage protection mode: Reduce power/cut-off 
Timing: Automatic(7~30 degree)/Low(7 degree)/ High(30 degree) 
Heli governor mode: ON/OFF 
Restore factory setting:
  > Soft start: Enabled. 
  > Brake type: off.
  > Low voltage cut-off power: Reduce power.
  > Battery type: Lipo with automatic cell detective. 
  > Cut-off voltage: 3.0/cell. 
  > Timing: Automatic. 
  > Switching Frequency: 8KHz. 
  > Heli governor mode: RPM off.


Continuous current : 30A
Burst : 40A>10s
BEC Mode : Linear
BEC Output : 5V/3A
Battery Cell: 2-4S (Lipo) / 5-12 cells (NiMH)
Plug type : T plug, 3.5mm connectors.
Weight: 21g
Dimension (L x W x H): 30x24x8.5mm.

Package contains:
1Nos Nebula 30A ESC

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